Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ready to move forward

So I had the biopsy this morning.  Actually, I had two biopsies and two aspirations this morning.  This was much more than I expected as it was only supposed to be a biopsy of my left axilla (lymph node), but after an ultrasound the Dr. decided to do both sides to make sure she got a good sample.  I'm not sore yet, but considering that I had about 5 needles stuck in each armpit (not including the Lanacane) and she hit a muscle at one point (that I definitely felt!) I'm pretty sure I will be hurting pretty soon.

I've been a bit freaked out about this even though I know that most likely nothing is wrong.  I've been working really hard to convince myself that all is okay--to the point of following my training plan obsessively since I found out I needed the procedure.  This resulted in me running yesterday when the weather was miserable and I don't regret it as it helped calm the nerves a bit.  Still hard to believe I found the ambition to get out for a trail run after 4-5 hours of heavy rain, then sleet, then snow as the temperature dropped from 42 to 27.  Oh, and there was a nice 20-40 MPH wind coming off Lake Superior.  The trails were wet, muddy and snow covered while the snow continued to pelt me the face.  It was kind of hard to worry about whether there is something seriously wrong when I had to concentrate so hard just to make sure I stayed on my feet and off my butt.
So it left me wondering . . . am I crazy?  Or are other runners as dedicated (obsessed) as I am?  I recognized early on that running provides stress relief that I can't find anywhere else and that has been a huge motivation for me.  I'm on hold for 48 hours because of the biopsy but then hopefully back to normal training and back to normal life.

I'm probably crazy since I'm already counting the hours before I can lace up again, but if makes me normal in the rest of my life that's good . . . right?!?

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